Signature Event Lighting
Our lighting designs and concepts will transform any space and take your event from ordinary to extraordinary! Our lighting will enhance any decor and create the perfect ambiance for your guests amazement!
Below are some of the services we provide to elevate your event!
  1. Custom Monogram
    Custom Monogram
  2. Arrangement Pin Spots
    Arrangement Pin Spots
  3. Destination Photo Shoot Lighting
    Destination Photo Shoot Lighting
  4. Creating Romantic Atmospheres
    Creating Romantic Atmospheres
  5. Decorative Up Lighting
    Decorative Up Lighting
  6. Follow Spot
    Follow Spot
  7. Sparkler Fountains
    Sparkler Fountains
  8. Decorative Wash Lighting
    Decorative Wash Lighting
  9. Dancing on the Clouds Effect
    Dancing on the Clouds Effect
  10. Layered Lighting
    Layered Lighting
  11. Landscape Lighting
    Landscape Lighting
  12. Cake Spot
    Cake Spot
  13. Complete Lighting Packages
    Complete Lighting Packages
  14. Illuminated Letters
    Illuminated Letters
  15. Under Table & Backdrop Lighting
    Under Table & Backdrop Lighting
 We offer free on-site consultations.